Organization: Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Irena Ateljevic, is a senior scientific associate at the Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia, with 25 years of an international academic experienceShe obtained her PhD in Human Geography in 1998 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and has taught at many Universities around the world before she returned back to her home country in 2011. Her current research interests lie within the area of human evolution and collective social and economic transformation; specialised in sustainable tourism development and futures of tourism. She conducted numerous projects in New Zealand, Fiji, India, China and Croatia on issues of economic and social development in peripheral regions. In the context of an increasingly distressed, divided and unsustainable world, her research passion lies in critical praxis and action research that can bring us more just and hopeful futures. She had began her academic career as a (post)modern critical theorist who pessimistically observed structural socio-spatial inequalities produced by the overarching capitalist patriarchical framework within which our world operates. Yet, in the course of her progressive frustration of ‘only-marking-and-not-making-a-difference’ she has moved to the transmodern and transdiciplinary space of commitment to the hopeful scholarship and caring action that awakens the power of individual agency. She has been translating these theoretical ideas into the areas of critical tourism studies, women’s empowerment and transformative education, and in empirical terms into her own classroom as well as in various action oriented projects in ‘peripheral’ communities of Croatia and India. She is one of the founders of the Critical Tourism Studies network dedicated to promoting the ‘academy of hope’ concept. She is the author/editor of 4 books and 3 special issues of scientific journals and 50 refereed journal articles, invited essays and chapters in edited volumes. She has been invited to give keynotes all around the world –Brasil, Argentina, India, China, Australia, Finland, Spain – to name just a few. Due to her groundbreaking work on the future of tourism and new transmodern visions she has been recetly invited by the UNWTO to produce a ‘Global report on the transformative power of tourism: A paradigm shift towards more responsible tourism traveller’, which she presented at ITB, in Berlin in March 2016. Free download:

        RON MADER

Organization: - USA

Ron Mader is a recognized American leader and communication and collaboration catalyst. Since 1998 his professional work has focused on the broad movement toward sustainable and responsible practices.  In 1994 he founded, the award-winning website, as the Web's first website focusing on ecotourism and responsible travel and conscious travel. He earned his bachelor's degree in communication (1987) from Indiana University and master's degree (1990) from the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Ron is active on the lecture/conference circuit, having been a presenter at the World Ecotourism Summit (2002), the Mexico Ecotourism Conference (2003), the Aboriginal Australia Tourism Conference (2007), Ecotourism New Zealand Conference (2007), Belize Responsible Tourism Conference (2009) Estonia's European Ecotourism Conference (2010), Responsible Tourism in Cities (South Africa, 2011) and the COP11 Biodiversity Summit (India, 2012). Ron developed the award-winning in 1994 as a reporter's notebook. Planeta pioneered online reporting focusing on practical ecotourism around the globe. The award-winning site provides free access to articles and resource guides for travelers, researchers and policy-makers. The site has won awards from major magazines and national governments. Ron has received many awards, including recognition from the Mexican government for exemplary tourism coverage. Presidents Fox and Zedillo presented Ron with the Lente de Plata Award in 1999 and 2002. American Environmental Leaders (2008) includes a profile of Ron for his work in environmental journalism and community activism. In 2010 he won the Innovation Awards prsented by the International Ecotourism Society.


Organization: Yıldız Technical University - Turkey

Zeynep Enlil is a professor of urban planning at Yıldız Technical University. She holds a professional degree in City Planning from METU, a M.Sc. in Urban Studies from Cleveland State University and a PhD in Urban Design and Planning from the University of Washington. Her teaching and research interests include politics of urban development, neoliberal urbanism, urban regeneration, cultural and creative economy, urban conservation and tourism. She was a consultant for the 2006 Istanbul Metropolitan Plan in the fields of cultural industries, heritage and tourism.  Enlil was the co-leader of the “Istanbul Cultural Heritage and Cultural Economy Project” funded by Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency and “Istanbul Tourism Master Plan” (2011-2013) prepared for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. She has been involved as a team leader in a number of international research consortia. Among them are “Action Oriented Planning, Regulation and Investment Dilemmas for Innovative Urban Development in Living Lab Experiences (APRILab),” a recently completed research project within the context JPI Urban Europe and an on-going ERA-NET project titled “Community Data-Loops for Energy-Efficient Urban Lifestyles (CODALoop)” She is a member of ICOMOS-Turkey since 1998. She was appointed as a member of the Tangible Cultural Heritage Committee of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO during 2011-2014 and had been the Vice President of ISOCARP responsible for the Young Planning Professionals Program during 2005-2011. Currently, she is a Vice-President of Europa-Nostra, Turkey. Zeynep Enlil published in numerous scholarly journals and has a number of books, including Innovative Strategies for Cultural Tourism in Istanbul.